Economic Support

Not only do we host our public meetings at local restaurants, we also make it a point to utilize and support our fellow local business owners when developing all of our professional workshops and networking events.

Professional Workshops

Through our partnership with the Sawmill, we provide opportunities for you to advance your knowledge of a widespread number of business-related topics in our workshops.

Networking Events

YPHNM takes pride in organizing fun and dynamic events that spruce up your night life and provide casual ways to network with other business professionals like yourself.

Public Meetings

7pm - 8pm

Public meetings are held on the second Thursday of every month.

The meeting location is different each month as we rotate between restaurants in Houghton Lake, Roscommon, and Grayling. This allows the organization to give equal and wide-spread support to our local restaurants. Rotating meeting locations also gives our members the ease of attending meetings that are closer to them.

Although we follow Roberts Rules of Order, we are a laid-back bunch with a huge agenda. You can imagine how well that works out. Show up for a drink and network with us!

We follow this general format, unless otherwise specified:
  • 6:45pm - 50/50 Raffle
  • 7:00pm - Call to Order and Role Call
  • 7:02pm - Personal introduction from all attendees
  • 7:10pm - Review/approval of Minutes from prior public meeting
  • 7:15pm - Discussion of old business
  • 7:35pm - Discussion of new business
  • 7:50pm - Community updates
  • 7:55pm - Schedule next public meeting
  • 8:00pm - Meeting Adjournment
  • 8:02pm - 50/50 Drawing

Board Members


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