Established Committees

Social Media

The social media committee works together to create engaging content on our social media pages. Our goal is to showcase and promote our local businesses, capture the natural beauty of the area, and post educational material for small business growth and success.



The website committee maintains the web content you see here.

Beer & Wine

As this is our biggest production of the year, we have committee members spread far and wide. We network, collaborate, shop, spy, brainstorm, and promote all things related to beer & wine events across America in order to ensure the success of our own Beer & Wine Festival each June!


We help get the word out about our events! Although we try to stick to advertising via email and our social media committee, you may find us asking to hang a flyer up at your place of business from time-to-time!

Temporary Committees

We delegate temporary committees to help pull together our events as they approach. Talk to us if you’d like to get involved on any of the committees you see below.

Glow-Ball Committee

Spring is on its way, meaning the greens will be ready for the Young Professionals’ nights of brewskies, glowing golf-balls, and happenstance networking.