Our Mission

To advance personally, socially, and professionally

To advance our members, we will host and/or promote workshops which educate our members about how to excel in professional skills including but not limited to:

  • Creating a good business plan
  • Writing a resume
  • Etiquette of conducting business meetings
  • Etiquette for job interviews
  • SEO best practices for their personal or business website

To grow the community by participation, collaboration, and association

We will grow our community’s economy through connecting members with the products and services of local small businesses. We will also help local small businesses connect with our members on their search for quality employees by directing employers to our Members’ LinkedIn accounts.

To encourage growth by creating interest, gathering members, and creating outreach programs

To encourage our organization’s growth, we will host social events and fundraisers throughout the year. Smaller social events/fundraisers will vary from year-to-year based on availability of funds, seasonal attractions, and volunteerism. One large social event and fundraiser, the Beer & Wine Festival, will occur annually and will target young professionals from outside of the local area and communicate the opportunity available to them upon relocating to live and work in the heart of Northern Michigan.